Les Productions Zvon has announced a new Memory Collection series sample pack titled Indoor, featuring 427 samples recorded from public domain movies.

Zvon MC Indoor

The samples in this collection are taken from the Public Domain 1939 animated film “Gulliver’s Travels” and from the, also PD, 1964 corporate film “Calling Century 21. I chose these because I felt they were appropriate for the times the world is going through.

“Gulliver’s Travels” is about understanding and working together, “Calling Century 21” is about discovering a new “world of communications”. Of course both have fun sounds too!

The 272 MB pack is a free download from Sampleism.

All paid Memory Collection packs are on sale, with individual packs available at 50% off and the 10 packs bundle is only $59 USD (60% off regular total individual price).

More information: Les Productions Zvon