Les Productions Zvon Reed Organs

Les Productions Zvon has released Reed Organs, a sample library featuring the sounds of various reed chord organs.

I bought all these organs at a local flea market and all had seen better days. But that’s part of their charm!

Reed Organs features

  • 4 different Reed Chord Organs: Bontempi B3, Magnus 360, MicrOrgan and Supertone. The last 2 are rare models.
  • Recorded with different microphones (except the Bontempi). Relative levels of the notes are preserved.
  • 477 looped samples for a size of 316 MB.
  • Available in Kontakt 3.5, Kontakt 4 and sfz formats. Kontakt versions have 72 instruments and multis made with the original samples and 26 instruments using the tone or time machine engines, custom skins and scripts (2 scripts for K4 and 1 for K3.5). Also the Kontakt versions include instruments with original tuning of the instruments and retuned instruments. The sfz version has 27 definition files.
  • All the notes have been carefully denoised to limit the noise while keeping the original sound. The noise was sampled as well so it can added again. The chords have not been denoised.

Reed Organs is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / Reed Organs