Lese has introduced its new audio plugin designed to simulate a bad internet connection. Codec is built around the Opus encoder/decoder system, which is the same algorithm that Discord and WhatsApp uses.

Unlike other plugins that simulate degradation in “old school” ways like vinyl, tape or cassette, Codec degrades sound in the most common way we hear today, through internet compression algorithms!

Codec is essentially a container that holds an audio compressor (not that kind of compressor) so you can compress and then decompress your sound, in real time, in your DAW of choice.

Codec features

  • Bitrate adjustment for real-time packet size constraint.
  • Bandwidth selector feature, allowing for bandwidth adjustment beyond filtering out artifacts.
  • Coloration (crunch) option.
  • Packet loss simulation.
  • A funky visualizer.
  • Fully vectorized, resizable interface.

The plugin is free to download in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac.

More information: Lese