Lese has announced the release of its new audio plugin Strum, an intuitive multi-band delay effect built from a desire to be able to “strum your sound”.

The delay times & feedback values for each of the delay lines inside of strum are controlled by control points, with similar functionality to that of our first plugin, Sweep. The bands are controlled with three different “shapes” that are controlled identically to how you would control an EQ.

You can turn Strum’s maximum delay time up for a long “spectral split”. You can also down the delay for a “pseudo-wah” with a guitar (and minimal feedback), or making a reverb-like effect (with a bunch of feedback).

Strum features

  • Optimized multiband delay network.
  • All-new “Dynamic Crossover” system for precise band-splitting.
  • Efficient delay-time modulation system with frequency-aware bias.
  • “Free” and “Sync” time delay modes.
  • Factor band control system.
  • Responsive visual overlay.
  • Vectorized, resizable interface.

Priced $25 USD, Strum is available for Windows and Mac (VST3 and AU).

More information: Lese