LFO Store has announced the release of the Flashback sound pack featuring 128 patches for the TX802, DX7mkII, and DX7 six operator FM series synthesizers from Yamaha.

Created by Andrew Deviatikh, the pack includes professional production-ready patches for making music in different genres, such as electronic, synth-wave, synthpop, ambient, and cinematic.

“Flashback” programs bank includes 64 voice patches, stores in TX802 internal voices memory, and 64 performance patches, stores in TX802 internal performances memory.

All programs of “Flashback” program bank divided into 6 categories and marked by prefix in patch / performance name.

Priced $20 USD, Flashback contains pad-style sounds, plucked sounds, bass, synth-like polyphonic sounds, atmospheric pad-style sounds, and sound effects.

More information: LFO Store