LFO Store has released a collection of 128 atmospheric presets for the M50 synthesizer from Korg.

Created by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, the Myth soundset delivers cosmic pads, arps & seqs, complex pads, plucks bells, rhytmic polys, planetary pads, and one note ambiences.

Myth takes a deep journey into the world of atmosphere and melodic pulses.

And Korg M50 is a younger brother of legendary M3 with Double Arpeggio instead of famous Karma engine. It sounds fantastic & having very wide range of capabilities & besides arp function – having the same engine as M3.

And we made 128 dynamic & lush patches which are ready to go in your Ambient, Electronica, Soundtrack.

All the presets have velocity and modwheel assignments, as well as special SW1 & 2 controllers. The pack costs $20 USD.

More information: LFO Store