LFO Store has introduced a new soundset by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos for the Karma music workstation from Korg, the early 2000s synthesizer based on the engines and effects of the Triton series.

Karma Sutra features a collection of 128 presets, including massive strings, cosmic and planetary pads, deep drones, unusual arps, modular melodic sequences, basslines, edge plucks, and voice rhythms.

It took a long time (longer than ever) to make this soundset – we put all our effort for sound programming, overall tone & using powerful Karma Engine. We also heard a lot of feedbacks that Triton/Karma series sounds somehow weak & sterile.

So we made a research of how to make overall tone right – descision was found: using 2 EQ’s in series – graphic one & master eq. Now Karma will sound warm, beautiful & authentic.

The soundset is available to purchase for $30 USD.

More information: LFO Store