LHI Audio has released a new transient shaper plugin that gives you the ability to reshape sounds in ways that no other tools can, regardless of the genre you’re working in or whether your material is sampled or synthesized.

ST4b’s proprietary detection algorithm gives you control over even the fastest attacks – electronic drums, foley, raindrops, even single-sample impulses (if you’re so inclined).

It’s precise enough that even the maximum boost or cut of 45dB sounds crisp and clean, and a smart auto-gain means you’re not constantly adjusting your gain staging. ST4b does it all with minimum CPU load and only 2 samples of latency.

ST4b for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (VST/VST, AU and CLAP plugin formats) is available to purchase for 69 EUR.

A purchase also includes ST4b also includes the single-band ST1b, which use the same transient design algorithm and a unique feature of “splitting” the signal into transient and body, allowing you to route them independently back into your DAW (currently only supported in VST/VST3 and CLAP versions).

More information: LHI Audio