ToneLib has announced the release of a powerful yet simple plugin that modulates a two-unit noise reduction rack effect. TL NoiseReducer lets you remove all the unwanted noises from your mix with ease.

Designed to be straightforward and easy to use, TL NoiseReducer adapts perfectly to practicaly every specific task you aimed on. You won’t find anything superfluous in the controls of this plugin – just tell it how closely to monitor the input signal and how strictly to respond, and that’s it.

Still find it complicated? The Reducer Unit Auto-Mode and EasyGate Unit itself will further simplify your workflow with this plugin, leaving you with just one knob each to adjust the effect’s sensitivity.

TL NoiseReducer is free to download for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats and as standalone software. The plugin has experimental native support for Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

More information: ToneLib