Lidsquid Splinetime VST

Lidsquid has released Splinetime v0.9beta, a granular-based VST plugin that operates at 4 different dimensions simultaneously (time, speed, pitch, filter), each within a pattern of 16 individual tempo-based sync-steps.

Splinetime can be used to process realtime audio input or as a sample player.


  • 4 independent effect dimensions
  • 16 timesynced steps per effect dimension
  • Variable step length
  • 16 audiobuffers or live-input
  • Morphing between audiobuffers
  • Time and frequency domain output visualisation
  • Resonant filter
  • Full parameter automation
  • Quickstart guide

As this is a beta version, Lidsquid very much welcomes feedback of any kind.

Visit Lidsquid for more information.