If you missed the sale on the Limerence Kontakt instrument library by Rigid Audio at Plugin Boutique last December, you get another chance to pick up this collection of cinematic textures and soundscapes at a 90% discount at Audio Plugin Deals.

Rigid Audio Limerence

Limerence is a 4 GB “organic textures” instrument that features four layers, an intuitive easy-to-grasp interface and hundreds of ready-to-use sounds for your next movie scoring or musical project.

Based in Berlin, Rigid Audio creates premium and excellently programmed Kontakt instruments focused on sound design.

Limerence features

  • 424 cinematic textures and soundscapes (4.5GB).
  • Each instrument has four layers.
  • Layers can be blended and toggled individually.
  • Categories: organic, bright, complex, drone, evolving, huge, modulated, pad, soundscape and various
  • Intuitive, easy-to-grasp interface with a moderate set of controls.
  • Impulse response (convolution reverb) effects.
  • Tone control for filter, phaser and delay effects.
  • Flow control for adding rhythmic modulation effects.
  • Shape control for distortion and degrading.

Designed for the full version of Kontakt, Limerence is $8.90 USD through January 19th at Audio Plugin Deals. The regular price is $89 USD.