Mastering The Mix has introduced its latest audio plugin Limiter, a great-sounding, smart mastering plugin that analyzes your audio and suggests the best settings for your music.

Limiter’s targets help you optimize the loudness and controls to maximize transparency, minimize distortion, and get the perfect loudness. The plugin helps you master your music in a smart and musical way whether you’re shooting for a super-loud and punchy master, or optimizing your audio for streaming.

Limiter features

  • Smart loudness analysis that gives gain suggestions specific to your audio.
  • Unique limiting algorithm for cleaner, louder mastering.
  • Effectively control true peaks, no matter how loud you go.
  • Attack analysis to retain punch and dynamics.
  • Link analysis to optimize channel linking based on the stereo correlation of your song.
  • NRG ‘harmonic distortion’ input gain for more perceived loudness.
  • PCH ‘transient enhancer’ input gain to inject more punch during limiting.
  • Dynamic range, LUFS and dBTP meters, with target ranges.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, the plugin is on sale at a 15% intro discount until December 7th, 2020 (regular £49 GBP / $57.95 USD).

The offer is available from distributor Plugin Boutique and at the Mastering The Mix store.