Orchestral Tools has kicked off its annual Black Friday sales with a surprise new addition to the celebrated Ark Series. Inspired by Orchestral Tools’ initial concept for Metropolis Ark and designed to epitomize the epic sonic scale of the series, Metropolis Ark Ø gives composers and sound designers the behemoth power of a large orchestra playing as one to create colossal musical moments effortlessly.

Inspired by the bold, memorable orchestral scores of the silent film era, the Metropolis Ark series has since evolved into a broad palette of cinematic sounds and textures that have become favorites of film, television, and video game composers across the globe.

Metropolis Ark Ø returns to the original concept of the series by focusing on an orchestra performing each note as one for maximum impact. With sounds captured at the renowned Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, users have access to multiple orchestra styles — tutti, high, and low — for different playing styles and sonic variations, and as with all Orchestral Tools libraries Ark Ø offers multiple blend-able mic positions to allow for complete flexibility in shaping the final, epic sound.

“Metropolis Ark Ø was designed to be an immediately engaging experience, to enjoy the sheer power of an entire orchestra acting as one by your command, “said Orchestral Tools CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “This makes it extraordinarily fun and simple to use, perfect for crafting bold instrumental moments where you want to leave no room for doubt.”

Designed as bottled moments of creative inspiration, Orchestral Tools’ Creative Soundpacks are curated libraries built around unique combinations of instruments designed to evoke specific moods or vibes. The collection of 13 have been bundled together for the first time and taken as a whole offer an enticing selection of distinctive sounds perfect for scoring, creative composition, and modern pop production.

“We approach the Creative Soundpacks as answers to evocative musical questions – how to capture the sound of a forest, a shamanic ritual, or a lazy summer day,” Schwarzer said. “Putting them all together like this gives a composer a reliable set of prompts that can inspire any number of compositional ideas. It’s an incredibly useful bundle that we’re pleased to offer together for the first time.”

Metropolis Ark Ø can be purchased as part of the larger Ark series bundle for 799 EUR (regular 1,575 EUR), or alone for 75 EUR (regular 150 EUR) until December 1st, 2022. In addition, Orchestral Tools is also offering the individual Metropolis Ark collections for 50% off as well as its full series of Creative Soundpacks, bundled for the first time, for 499 EUR (regular 1,075 EUR).

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