ADSR Sounds has introduced a new sample pack from the Streamline Samples label. LoFi Folk & Vintage Beats delivers a batch of folkloric, retro/vintage and atmospheric/orchestral loops geared towards LoFi, Downtempo and Hip Hop music production.

We are proud to present you a special trip to mid ’70s and ’80s to Europe, Middle East & Armenia through the music. Colorful and unexplored streets of 20th century Yerevan, Dramatic and heartwarming life scenarios of a man, living in the best time period for arts, creating a catharsis. We have all these stories in every loop and every melody in this sample pack.

A new line in our brand` Studio B is concentrated on showcasing a cultural aspects of our world and the other side of sample pack industry, while keeping all the technical standards.

The pack is priced $27 USD.

More information: Streamline Samples