LOM has released JONO, a software musical instrument inspired by modular synthesizers.

By providing mixture of classical and experimental elements it can serve as an interesting addition to your setup or as a standalone tool.


JONO virtual Max/MSP synthesizer programmed by Jonáš Gruska.

JONO features

  • Two oscillators, modulated by the layered LFO and the sequencer.
  • Each oscillator has a couple of ranges and waveshapes, and LFO modulation, which allows you to mix three different LFOs into patterns and rhythms in a very simple yet powerful interface enhanced by the oscilloscope.
  • State-variable filter, modulated by another layered LFO, offering three standard filter functions – lowpass, highpass and bandpass.
  • Stereo echo and a recorder – for recording short bits of your work right away, without connecting additional software.
  • Sequencer provides control over the amount of steps, variable loop length and the speed for each sequence (two sequencers for two oscillators).
  • Includes a set of presets, but also allows you to save your own.
  • ‘RANDOMIZE’ button, which randomizes the whole setup.
  • MIDI support, both for classic pitch control from a MIDI keyboard as well as for control of the main parameters with knobs or sliders.

JONO is available to purchase as a standalone application for Windows and Mac (includes full source code in MaxMSP language), priced at 15 EUR.

More information: LOM JONO