Loopmasters has teamed up with the Cuban musical organization Manana for Dimensions Sounds, an exclusive sample collection of Afro Cuban percussion and keys.

Loopmasters Dimensions Sounds

Dimensions Sounds features traditional Afro grooves performed live by Latin Grammy winner Hammadi Valdes (percussion) and Sarah Tandy described by The Guardian “One of the brightest prospects on London’s jazz scene (keys and Synths) Recorded from a long free-improvisation session between the two incredible musicians.

Expect to hear infectious Conga, cool Jazz Electric Piano chords and hooks and pace setting Shakers and Cowbells and Clave in this truly authentic Afro Latin sample collection.

Each set of Latin Loops are built around a different Afro-Cuban folkloric rhythm including Bembe, Guiro and Iyesá, these rhythms are played in a triple-pulse. Latin music heavily relies on the pulse of the Clave and each style has its own unique pattern to glue the musicians together so we have included each Clave click track from the recording session to help you understand the authentic swing and pulse of these included rhythms.

Dimensions Sounds features

  • 685 MB of Loops in three unique styles.
  • Arara Loops: 26 Bata Loops, 13 Shaker Loops, 1 Clave Loop, 28 Electric Piano Loops, 15 Synth Bass Loops.
  • Bembe Loops: 50 Conga Loops, 67 Electric Piano Loops, 6 Shekere Loops, 1 Kick Loop, 5 cowbell Loops, 1 Clave Loop.
  • Guiro Loops: 14 Conga Loops, 44 Electric Piano Loops, 4 Shaker Loops, 1 Tom Loop, 4 Cowbell Loops, 1 Clave Loop.

Dimensions Sounds is available for download for £24.95 GBP.

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