Loopmasters has released a value bundle comprising a collection of 7 sample packs by Joshua Arrowsmith. The LoFi Breaks Bundle offers a discount of over 70% off on a massive selection of dusty drum and Hip Hop samples.

Joshua used analog tape-recording methods and a huge array of meticulously configured hardware processing to deliver depth and character, resulting in breaks that are ready out of the box to bring phatness to your rhythm section.

Joshua Arrowsmith (aka DJ Buzzword) has spent many years digging through dusty crates to find the right sounds for his productions, as Hip Hop beatmakers traditionally do. The thing that always brought him most excitement was stumbling upon a big fat drum break. After years of sampling other people’s recordings, he found the way to capture the sounds he loved so much himself: magnetic tape. These sample packs utilize 5 different reel to reel recorders and many many vintage and modern microphones, to give a variety of characterful and beefy drum loops and hits – recording in the way the actual original breaks were recorded leads to a truly authentic sound.

Priced only £49.95 GBP, the LoFi Breaks Bundle contains Pocket Full of Grooves, Tape AF – Reel to Reel Hip Hop, Lofi Breaks Vol 1 and 2, Reel Grooves, Vintage Beats & Breaks, and Vintage Vinyl Breaks.

More information: Loopmasters