Loopmasters The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica

Loopmasters has released The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica, a new Artist Series sample library, in collaboration with The Nextmen (Brad Baloo and Dom Search).

“We’ve put together a large selection of original loops, hits and phrases for you in this collection, all made The Nextmen way; that is to say with a whole load of lo-fi attitude, stellar processing and in-your-face mixing. Every element of this selection was created with one eye on the clubs. We’ve used vintage guitars, dirty old synths, mos-fet compressors, mellow EQs and a good few studio secrets to bring you ready-to-use parts that should slot nicely into your own productions. We’ve covered both retro and contemporary drum loops and hits, buzzing basslines made from layers of contrasting sounds, party-vibe lead lines and vocals, all spread over a nice range of useful tempos. We hope you enjoy using these parts as much as we did making them…” Dom Search

The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica features

  • 65 Drumloops
  • 35 Basslines
  • 14 Scratches
  • 65 Music Loops
  • 46 Bass Sounds
  • 12 Bass Pads
  • 120 Single Drum Samples
  • 20 FX
  • 120 Instrument sounds

The Nextmen Hip Hop and Electronica is available in various formats starting at £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / The Nextmen Hip Hop & Electronica