Loopmasters has announced it is now distributing construction kits sample packs by Zenhiser.

Packing expertise and excellent sound quality, they go the extra mile and deliver audio which you’re bound to use with pride. And they have that extra “boing!”… no wonder, they’re from down-under. Zenhiser – that’s Australian for “Samples”, mate. ;)

Zenhiser Minimax Tech, Psy Tech, and Tech Funk Construction Kits

Zenhiser Construction Kits

  • Minimax Tech – Construction Kit 01 — When it comes to perfectly constructed sample packs ‘The Minimax Tech Construktion Kit’ takes 1st prize. The attention to detail and broad range of eclectic samples gives this Tech Construction Kit the ability to cross various genres including minimal tech, tech house and techno.
  • Psy Trance – Construction Kit 01 — ‘The Psy Trance Construktion Kit’ delivers exactly what it says on the box and at the highest quality possible. Not only is this Psy Trance Construction Kit packed with over 300 brand new psy trance samples but the quality of these trance samples are second to none.
  • Tech Funk – Construction Kit 01 — An incredible collection of over 320 of the latest tech, tech house & minimal tech samples and loops. This brand new construktion pack is a must for any producers looking to upgrade their tech sounds quickly, delivering a brand new tech drum kit, drum loops, basslines, synth loops, sound fx and more.

The Zenhiser sample packs are available to purchase for £19.95 GBP each.

More information: Zenhiser @ Loopmasters