Loops de la Crème has released Cymbal Essentials, the first product from the SILVER&GOLD series, a new line of premium cymbal samples and virtual instruments.

The included samples showcase various playing technics, and were recorded with great depth and detail, in stereo, and with as little ambience as possible to ensure maximum flexibility and usefulness.

Cymbal Essentials features

  • 62 cymbal samples (stereo wav, 24bit, 48Khz) in 6 categories:
    • 10 Rides
    • 16 Crashes (using both sticks, plastic rods and mallets)
    • 9 HiHats (3 sets of closed, foot, and open variations)
    • 7 Piatti (orchestral hand held cymbals)
    • 12 Long Rolls (using mallets)
    • 8 splashes, bells and stacks (cymbals stacked on top of each other)
  • 2 Kontakt patches (main set, sound design set).
  • 15 IR samples (reverb impulse responses).
  • User guide (pdf file).

Cymbal Essentials is available to purchase for the introductory price of 4 EUR.

More information: Loops de la Crème / Cymbal Essentials