Looptone has released its sample pack Sax House Grooves, a collection of saxophone sounds to bring a touch of ‘human’ musicality to any dance music production.

Looptone Sax House Grooves

The pack includes over 350 live saxophone loops and scale one shot hits.

Sax House Grooves presents 6 fully realised and lovingly captured song ideas, each one containing between 12 and 15 live saxophone performances, and clocked at 123bpm. The main, ‘long’ riff in each song runs to 32 bars, giving plenty of scope for exploration and phrase extraction, while the ‘medium’ and ‘short’ riffs serve up more concise alternatives, ready to drop in and go. The performances – by a first-call session saxophonist – are nothing short of sublime, and a wide range of playing styles and techniques are covered, from extended, evolving solos and smooth, lyrical grooves, to staccato stabs, soulful wails and beyond.

Every riff comes in ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ versions, the latter tastefully applying reverb and delay to the sax so you don’t have to. And for an extra creative jolt, the ‘EFX’ versions see most of the medium and short riffs treated to much more dramatic processing – filtering, slicing, glitching, pitch shifting, timestretching and more – providing a wealth instant rhythmic textures for your latest house banger, and potentially inspiring completely new track ideas on their own.

Finally, six full scales of one-shots and stabs are also included, enabling construction of your own licks and lines.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Looptone