LOSER DVC (Digital Versatile Compressor)

LOSER has released a beta of DVC (Digital Versatile Compressor), a freeware VST compressor effect plug-in.

DVC comes in 3 versions, Master, Standard, and Lite (with Master having the most controls, Lite the least).


  • VST 2.3 (32bit)
  • Support for any samplerate
  • 4 (Lite=2) ins / 2 outs
  • no GUI (default GUI of host)
  • Controls: Threshold, Ratio, Knee[MS], Attack Start[MS], Attack, Attack Shape[M], Hold[M], Release, Release Shape[M], Envelope Detector[MS*], Smoothen Envelope[M], RMS Size[MS], Low-Pass[MS], High-Pass[MS], Listen[Ms], Feed[MS], Make-Up, Bypass Mix (on FP)[M], Output, Dry Mix[MS]

[M] = Master only
[MS] = Master+Standard only
*available on Lite, but not configurable
s = reduced on Standard (compared to the Master version)

Known Issues:
– (Soft-)Knee on the DVC isn’t uber round, will be adressed at some point.
– FBQ doesn’t work on DET mode (DVC Master).
– High CPU usage (depending on settings).

You can download the DVC beta here.