LOSER has released a public beta of Simple Peak Limiter, a freeware limiter VST plug-in coded in C/C++.


  • Controls for Threshold, Out Ceiling and Saturation
  • VST version 2.3 (32bit)
  • Supported Samplerates: Any (as far as known)
  • Ins: 2 / Outs: 2

Simple Peak Limiter comes in three versions (all included in the download), which have varied amount of controls (1, 2 or all 3 of the controls mentioned above).

LOSER Simple Peak Limiter (SP3Limiter, with all 3 controls)

The saturation control adds non-linearity to the signal, compareable to a tube warmer-like effect. It generally makes the output louder (regarding RMS level, while remaining its peak level).

You can download the Simple Peak Limiter package here.