Lowcoders KingDubby Dub Tape Delay

Lowcorders has released a beta version of KingDubby Dub Tape Delay, a free dub tape delay Audio Unit plug-in, developed by lowcoders and bitplant.

An amazing User Interface and a screaming sound make it a unique, simple and elegant plugin you definitely want to have in your favorite virtual rack.

This version is the first step on the road to some cool new features coming for version 2.0 along with VST 3 support on Mac/Windows.

Changes in KingDubby v1.5.2

  • Universal Binary : run KingDubby on your Intel® based Mac now.
  • Cocoa Graphical User Interface : all the Mac UI coolness unleashed.
  • Logic Studio support.

KingDubby is a free plug-in and intends to remain free as long as possible. If you happen to find KingDubby useful or use it on a regular basis, please consider a donation.

Visit Lowcoders for more information and a link to download the latest version of KingDubby Dub Tape Delay.