Luftrum has announced the Call to Arms: Charity 2012, a chance to bid on music production software and help out children in need.

Last year we had a charity event on KVR. It was titled Call to Arms: Charity and we raised 8712$ for Save the Children. This was done by almost 40 goodhearted developers donating software and proceeds for the charity. Software was auctioned directly in this thread and all the good guys were represented from small individuals to large companies such as Camel Audio, U-He, Spectrasonics, Audio Damage, Voxengo and Rob Papen just to mention a few. The charity was “unofficial” as it was started by me and the official KVR had nothing to do with the charity – other than kindly providing the forum thread for the fund raising.

I have decided to repeat the success from last year and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could break the 10k barrier? The charity can only succeed if developers who were so bighearted to contribute last year decides to support the charity again this year and if new developers join in!

Last year we had a poll regarding what charity to receive the funds. This year there will be no poll as I have chosen Save the Children to receive the funds once again.

All charity auctions end on 12:59 pm KVR Time, October 31st, 2012.

More information: Luftrum / Call to Arms: Charity 2012 (KVR Audio)