VST Buzz has launched a limited time sale on a collection of 7 sound libraries for Omnisphere. The Luftrum Omnisphere Collection delivers a total of over 750 patches for the virtual instrument by Spectransonics.

Inspired by the atmospheric and dynamic work of artists such as Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Royksopp, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, these presets provide a wealth of analogue, organic and hybrid tones suitable for modern underscore, ambient music, electronica and more.

Priced 89 EUR, the bundle contains Equilibrium, Ambient Soundscapes, Auralis, Expanse, Luftrum Ambient 2, Luftrum 14, and Luftrum 18. The regular value is 245 EUR (prices ex. VAT in EU).

More information: VST Buzz