Luxonix has announced the release of Mini Sketcher, a rompler library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Luxonix Mini Sketcher

Mini Sketcher is a sample library for Kontakt of a Sound Module / Rompler.

It based on PCM Synthesizing Technology that have accumulated during 10 years by Ravity and Purity. Meet up more evolved rompler sounds.

Mini Sketcher features

  • 100 .NKI Kontakt instrument presets for Kontakt 5.
  • 6 sound categories: Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Poly, Lead, Drum.
  • 384 samples, 16 bit / 44.1 kHz .NCW format samples (Lossless compression).
  • Easy to use GUI.
  • Bread and butter Sound Module/Rompler sound.
  • Minimized RAM usage, about 120 MB installed (compressed down from 250 MB).

The Mini Sketcher library costs $19.90 USD. Requires Kontakt 5+ full version.

More information: Luxonix / Mini Sketcher