LVC-Audio has announced the release of Pressed-T and Pressed-MAX, two compressor effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

LVC-Audio Pressed-MAX
LVC Audio Pressed-T

Pressed-T is a character track compressor. It includes plenty of vintage goodness and drips with saturation. Of course, you can make it run clean, too. Pressed-T includes hardware modeling, as well as a compressor-dependent saturation (CDS) circuit.

Pressed-MAX is a mastering compressor that includes a unique dynamic equalizer and flexible side-chain controls. The dynamic EQ in Pressed-MAX allows for a lot of creativity for mid/side operations, de-essing, and regaining some definition to dull-sounding mixes. It also utilizes the same “zero phase” oversampling that is found in Limited-MAX.

Pressed-T and Pressed-MAX (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) are available for purchase at a 40% discount, priced at $20.97 USD and $38.97 USD, respectively .Other LVC-Audio plugins and bundles are also on sale until the end of the year.

More information: LVC-Audio