Torann Audio UI-FI

Torann Audio has announced the release of UI-FI, a sample pack featuring over 400 high-quality UI sounds.

UI-FI is the professional pack of over 400 UI sounds designed to help you make the most of your interfaces.

These meticulously-crafted feedbacks, clicks, page turns, buttons and slides will give your games, apps and media the edge they deserve.

UI-FI features

  • Includes 180 positive, neutral and negative audio feedbacks, 150 clicks and buttons, 50 slides and whooshes, 20 sounds of pages being turned, crumpled and ripped apart.
  • All sounds are 24bit/48kHz .wav files.
  • Extensive and detailed metadata in every sound.
  • Lifetime Licence, royalty-free.

The sound fx pack is available for purchase for 33 EUR ex. VAT.

More information: Torann Audio