ModeAudio has just launched its new sound pack Machine Code, a collection of 50 kinetic sequence presets for the Serum synthesizer by Xfer Records.

Turn Serum into a percussive juggernaut with Machine Code, 50 presets spanning stuttering shards of billowing noise, crashing SFX & deft, pirouetting oscillations!

Divided into different flavours of percussion, synth, bass & SFX sounds, the library is powered through extensive use of LFOs, sculpting a dazzling array of rhythmic & melodic patterns from of our custom sound sources.

Also available is Stasis Melt, a sample pack featuring 476 loops, samples and MIDI files geared towards Synthwave music production.

Vaporise your reality & race towards a dripping neon sunset with our brand new pack of sonic nostalgia overdrive, Stasis Melt!

Jacking in with 510MB of smouldering samples & MIDI, this electrifying set of white-hot retro rhythms & melodics will send your DAW crashing back to the future with its blend of cutting edge processing & woozy 80s aesthetics.

Machine Code and Statis Melt are available for purchase for £14 GBP and £20 GBP, respectively.

More information: ModeAudio