Magix has recently released an update to its Sound Forge Pro recording, audio editing and restoration and mastering software for Windows.

Sound Forge Pro 16 features dynamicEQ to shape your sound, improved workflows using loudness visualization, an optimized multichannel workflow, resampling engine, and more.

Its extensive range of professional features make it the go-to for many producers and sound engineers worldwide. The new workflow improvements let you effortlessly record, edit, restore and master. Create, mix, and design sound effects in SOUND FORGE Pro audio editing software. Accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing, and deliver a polished mix with pure sound.

Sound Forge Pro 16 features

  • New: dynamicEQ (exclusively in the Suite).
  • New: Loudness visualization.
  • New: Optimized multichannel workflow.
  • New: Expanded Plug-in manager.
  • New: Resampling engine.
  • Mastering and restoration with iZotope plug-ins: Ozone 9 Elements & RX 8 Elements.
  • 32 channel audio recording, editing and processing.
  • VST engine & ARA2 support.
  • Record at 64-bit/768 kHz.
  • Numerous audio effects & plug-ins for sound design as well as mixing & mastering.
  • zplane élastiquePro v3 Timestretch.

Sound Forge Pro 16 is available to purchase for $349 USD, with VariVerb II ($99.99 USD value) and Vandal ($179.99 USD value) included for free until June 12th. The Suite edition which includes Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 8 and Celemony Melodyne 5 essential is $499 USD and comes with colorFX Suite for a limited time ($99.99 USD value). Upgrades are available at discounted prices.

More information: Magix