Majken's Disorder

Majken has released a beta of Disorder, a freeware VST plug-in for stuttering, pitchshifting and rhythmic looping. It’s meant to be simple and hands on with midi-assignments for live use.

Disorder is based on a sampler that records the incoming audio. Once the recording has stopped the plugin quickly switches to looped playback. The loops can be played forwards, backwards and in ping-pong style. While looping you can also adjust the playback pitch.

Disorder can be used in three different ways.

  1. automate the stutter-button and time parameter in your sequencer
  2. use the modwheel and sustain pedal on your midi keyboard to create stutter effects in realtime
  3. use keytracking where higher notes cause longer stutters. (In this mode the loop lengths are also synced to host tempo allowing you to easily create tempo based stutters)

Download the beta here. Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.