Soundwhich has introduced its online platform that lets anyone make quality royalty free music just like making a sandwich.


Soundwhich has been running in closed beta since September 2017, and musicians around the world have already submitted more than 3,000 stem tracks to the platform.

Suppose you want a song with a gritty male vocal, funky guitar, deep bass and trap beat, you can assemble such a song using music ingredients from Soundwhich library with just a few clicks. You have access to the whole library for free and only pay for the ingredients you decide to use in your project.

Soundwhich offers royalty free licenses. After one time payment, you can use the music in your projects forever without additional royalty fees.

“Studio” is where all the magic happens.

Soundwhich studio

You will find music ingredients organized by key, BPM and role (melody, harmony, bass, drums, and fills). Assign music ingredients to different roles. Soundwhich will mix them automatically.

The mix is guaranteed to sound harmonious no matter how you select ingredients.

“Songs” is where you find songs mixed by artists.

Soundwhich songs

If you have used other royalty free music platforms before, this is the typical interface you’ll be familiar with. However, it is much more flexible on Soundwhich.

You can use the songs as entry points to customize further to experiment different combinations.

Soundwhich caters to any budget you may have. The price of each ingredient is set independently by the artist who produced it. It ranges from zero to $50 USD with a median of $10 USD.

Depending on the type of project that will use the music, a multiplier is applied to purchased price.

Soundwhich licenses

Lite license applies x1 and enables non-commercial use. Standard license applies x2 and enables commercial use with a cap in delivered units. Premium license applies x5 and unlocks all commercial use cases.

Equipped with advanced web audio technology, Soundwhich is able to perform heavy real-time audio tasks that used to be exclusive in desktop digital audio workstations.

Soundwhich has published multiple musical guidelines that unify key, tempo, chords and song structure for all artists to follow. These guidelines make tracks reusable and still give the artists enough room for creativity.

Besides being a royalty-free music marketplace, Soundwhich is also a social network for musicians of all kinds, with the world’s purest and deepest language: Music.

Have a story to tell? Upload a track. Feel motivated? Save a song. Inspire and learn with each other in the dynamic space. There is no border in genres. Have fun with the creation of surprisingly great fusion styles. It’s free!

More information: Soundwhich