Rast Sound has announced the release of a new effect plugin that is designed to help your drums and vocals stand out in the mix, make them “thicker, stronger and fatter”.

Juicer applies smart multi-layered parallel compression and coloring to make your sounds bigger while keeping the dynamics and warm sound.

Juicer uses multi layered parallel compression with different characters (VCA & TUBE), automated make-up gain and further EQ magic that pros apply. You can achieve a fat, warm sound with one knob Juicer sounds especially great with drums, you can replace all your drums processing with Juicer to get your drums to sound dope fat.

We created the ‘B mode’ with a stronger widening and multi-parallel compression that suits vocals and instruments perfectly. We fine tuned ‘A mode’ for drums but feel free to experiment. Crunch is colouring, clipping and distortion all melted into one nasty knob. Add a little crunch to warm it up. Further add attack with transient and add bass/hi with tilt eq.

Available in VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac, Juicer is on sale for the intro price of 29 EUR until January 31st, 2022. The regular price is 39 EUR.

More information: Rast Sound