Native Instruments has launched a promotion on the hyper-realistic keyboard collections by Skybox Audio, offering discounts of up to 39% off its NKS-ready virtual instruments for Kontakt for a limited time only.

Captured using robotic automation, Hammers + Waves from skybox Audio gives an unprecedented level of detail, delivered with an elevated playback engine that features endlessly inspiring, innovative sound shaping tools.

These modern piano and keyboard instruments are now available individually for the first time, with an exclusive discount of up to 39%.

The sale includes:

  • Hammers + Waves Acoustic: Modern Grand, Relic Upright, and UX Upright.
  • Hammers + Waves Electric: Suitcase 73 and EP 200A.
  • Hammers + Waves Chime: Dulcitone, J Celeste, and J Toy Piano.
  • Hammers + Waves Prepared: Relic and Obscura Grand.

Prices start from 79 USD/EUR. The special offer is valid until January 25th, 2022, at the NI Online Shop.

More information: Native Instruments