Tony Jaques has released Mandelbrot Drummer, a MIDI drum sequencer for Windows.

Mandelbrot Drummer

Struggling to find interesting rhythms to make your music stand out from the crowd? Looking for inspiration for your next project? Mandelbrot Drummer seeks out the fascinating rhythms hidden away in the beautiful Mandelbrot fractal set. In Mandelbrot Drummer you use your eyes with your ears to discover a wealth of drum pattern variations which take you away from conventional time signatures.

Mandelbrot Drummer is a new way of creating rhythm patterns for your music. It uses the mathematics of the Mandelbrot fractal set to mimic the subtlety of feel of a human drummer. The program generates drum sequences automatically so you don’t have to individually adjust each MIDI event in a piano roll editor.

Mandelbrot Drummer for Windows is available to purchase for $15 USD.

Visit Mandelbrot Drummer for more information.