Isotonik Studios has announced the release of Manitoba Cassette, a collection of patches for the Circuit groovebox by Novation that aims to deliver nostalgic feelings and drifting melodies.

Manitoba Cassette is the first Digiphex Electronics Novation Circuit Pack to be released through the Isotonik Studios Circuit Patch store, its taken well over a year to get here so we’re really excited to see what all you Circuiteers think!!

Warped LP’s and worn out tape is the feel of this pack, with some tape oriented macro controls. “Manitoba Cassette” captures the nostalgic feelings and drifting melodies inspired by Boards of Canada, Tycho, Lone, and even AFX.

The pack includes 22 Sessions and 64 Patches (+ 64 Samples):

  • 25 Bass.
  • 15 Leads & Keys.
  • 13 Pads & Strings.
  • 11 Percussion & FX.

Manitoba Cassette is available for £20 GBP.

More information: Isotonik Studios