ManyTone Fretless Bass

ManyTone Music has released Fretless Bass, a comprehensive sample library of a 4-string fretless precision bass.

ManyTone Fretless Bass features

  • Covers a variety of articulations which take advantage of the fretless nature of the instrument (i.e. the distinctive sound of vibrato as well as various increments and speeds of bends).
  • Staccato samples, as well as the sustained tones, were sampled with both index and middle fingers, so the machine-gun effect of repeating notes may be easily avoided.
  • Sampled completely dry, giving you the flexibility to shape the tone to your taste from a neutral DI tone (Direct Injected).
  • Many carefully crafted presets are included for ManyBass, Kontakt, and Dimension Pro.

Manytone Fretless Bass is available for download for $49.95 USD (single format) and $59.95 USD (multi-format).

Visit ManyTone Music for more information and audio demos.