ManyTone Music releases Fretless Bass

ManyTone Fretless Bass

ManyTone Music has released Fretless Bass, a comprehensive sample library of a 4-string fretless precision bass.

ManyTone Fretless Bass features

  • Covers a variety of articulations which take advantage of the fretless nature of the instrument (i.e. the distinctive sound of vibrato as well as various increments and speeds of bends).
  • Staccato samples, as well as the sustained tones, were sampled with both index and middle fingers, so the machine-gun effect of repeating notes may be easily avoided.
  • Sampled completely dry, giving you the flexibility to shape the tone to your taste from a neutral DI tone (Direct Injected).
  • Many carefully crafted presets are included for ManyBass, Kontakt, and Dimension Pro.

Manytone Fretless Bass is available for download for $49.95 USD (single format) and $59.95 USD (multi-format).

Visit ManyTone Music for more information and audio demos.

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The demos sound like complete utter crap. The proper way to record a P-bass is by playing thru a fender bassman amp. Actually, any other amp would be fine too, anything except the neutered mediocrity of DI. How pathetic that scheisse such as this is what passes for acceptable sampling. Manytone should hang their heads in shame.


You must make a competitive sample library.
The mp3s sound incredibly good. You should be the one hanging your head in shame.

I own this library and it is a very decent fretless. I highly recommend it. I don’t think any other company has done a better job. And I own pretty much all top bass libs ever made.
Shame on you, not Manytone, but you are entitled to your opinion. It only takes listening to the mp3 samples that you knock, to prove this.

digital lofi
digital lofi

Indeed, I’m not a fan of fretless bass in general but those samples on the site sound like a solid library to me. I fail to see the problem; isn’t it better to leave amp tone and eq to the person using the set?