Schaack Audio has released version 2.0 of Quad, an open-architecture Digital Vinyl System (DVS).

Quad V2 has been completely rewritten nearly from scratch, and offers a new fully resizable and customizable GUI, an improved Browser, MIDI controller feedback for endless rotary MIDI controllers and motorized Fader controllers.

Quad v2.0 features

  • Open architecture
    • Compatible with any soundcard (Windows: ASIO driver required).
    • Software RIAA Phono pre-amplification allows connecting turntables directly to Line Inputs on the soundcard.
    • Nearly every parameter is MIDI controllable.
    • Totally configurable audio routing.
    • Easy MIDI Learn.
    • Compatible with nearly all MIDI Controllers on the market (accepts CC & Note On/Off MIDI messages).
    • MIDI feedback for endless rotary MIDI controllers or motorized fader MIDI controllers.
    • Resizable and completely user-configurable GUI: Channels may be shown/hidden, EQ/Filter/asf. may be shown/hidden.
  • Total control
    • 1-4 decks may be used to control 1-4 tracks (MP3s/WAVs).
    • Custom Vinyl Tracking algorithm provides a near-analog scratch experience.
    • Perfect tempo-synchronization of up to 4 tracks using SYNC.
    • Powerful 1-deck support (one single turntable may be used to mix up to 4 tracks).
    • Virtual Zero Lock Range makes pitch 0 really 0 and virtually eliminates the “resting point” at pitch 0 on old turntables.
    • Recording the mix as .WAV during mixing is possible.
    • Keyboard shortcuts allow using Quad without touching the mouse.
    • Preview Player for fast pre-listening of tracks on Headphones.
  • Advanced sound processing
    • Fresh sounding filters (X-Filter, SVF).
    • 3-band Equalizers with parametric mids from 100Hz to 10kHz.
    • Tempo-matched FX (Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Delay, LFO Filter, …).
    • Tempo-matched Loop Samplers.
    • Any audio material (real Vinyl / CDs / Mic / …) may be routed from the soundcard’s inputs into Quad for mixing and FX-processing.
    • Crossfader with 3 curves.
    • Support for VST plugins (Windows only at the moment).
    • Look-ahead limiters on each ASIO output avoid audible audio distortions when signal becomes too hot.
  • Managing your tunes
    • New, improved browser.
    • ID3 Tags are editable.
    • Create cases of your favourite tunes and music styles.
    • 4 assignable Cue Points per track.

Quad 2.0 is available now for Windows and Mac and costs 89 EUR.

Visit Schaack Audio for more information.