Percussa has introduced a video in which Mark Mosher showcases the new topology mode in the MIDIBridge v3 update for AudioCubes. Mark pairs the new MIDIBridge with u-he’s ACE modular synthesizer, allowing wireless patching of the synth.

As you know, our topology mode lets you send MIDI note trigger information as well distance data (MIDI CCs) at the same time for a network of up to 15 AudioCubes simultaneously.

In the video, you can see how Mark is able to patch U-HE’s ACE virtual analog synthesizer on-the-fly using the AudioCubes. The location and orientation of the cubes determines which modules are patched together. Distance between cubes changes modulation depth.

In the second part of the video he uses distance between cubes to change patch connections. The CC values of the distance signal between the cubes changes the patch connections. No mouse required and much faster than patching using real cables :-)

Mark Mosher: “This video shows some of my early tests and ideas for leveraging these features by pairing AudioCubes with ACE. Of course these are baby steps for what is possible and these same techniques could be applied to other instruments – and even hardware instruments via MIDI or MIDI-to-CV.”

More information: Percussa