McDSP has introduced a new plugin for the APB Analog Processing Box. The KD1 Kinetic Drive APB plugin provides direct control over many analog saturation attributes of the APB hardware, for a variety of sounds from subtle harmonic overtones to complete sonic mayhem.

KD1 saturation can be focused on a selectable portion of the frequency spectrum, and saturation kinetics (voltage supply reaction, level compression, and more) are also adjustable.

Each KD1 processing mode uses a different saturation circuit within the APB hardware for even more tone flexibility. Original and processed signal levels can be independently adjusted. Like all APB plug-ins, the controls on the KD1 may be automated, and saved as a preset for instant session recall.

The estimated ship date for the KD1 is June 2023, and is free to all registered APB hardware owners.

More information: McDSP