Blipsonic has introduced the MeeBlips geode, a synthesizer that combines raw, powerful digital with driving, dirty analog.

Meeblip geode synth

The geode is the fourth major generation of the MeeBlip line created by engineer James Grahame (Blipsonic), as a collaboration with CDM.

Dial in digital waveforms that are optimized to be cutting on leads and rattle the floor in the bass range. Combine them with an analog filter that won acclaim on our anode and triode – with its screaming, guitar-style resonance.

And now, get the kind of hands-on control we’ve refined over generations of affordable synths, with new, expanded controls and great-feeling knobs.

Meeblip geode features

  • Shape your sound with envelope (attack, decay, sustain) and glide.
  • Choose from a range of independent, digitally generated waveforms on two oscillators: PWM, pulse, sawtooth, and triangle (osc A) or noise (osc B)..
  • Mix A + B oscillators, or choose one or the other (so you can focus on noise for percussion or single-oscillator acid).
  • Sub octave and detune.
  • The unique analog MeeBlip filter, based on a 70s guitar distortion circuit.
  • Modulation routable to filter and pitch, for subtle effects or cranked for chaotic warbles and FM-style sounds.
  • Complete MIDI implementation: use with USB, with iOS (via Apple adapter, not included), or hardware DIN / standalone.
  • Dual mono minijack output for easy monitoring with headphones or connection to other gear.
  • MIDI DIN input for connecting MIDI hardware.
  • USB for MIDI input, connecting to a computer.
  • Driver-free operation on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS*, Android.
  • USB powered.
  • 1m USB cable included.

The synthesizer is available to preoder now for $149.95 USD. It will ship in May and the regular price will be $179.95 USD.

More information: MeeBlip

Meeblip geode