Meldaproduction has released its new audio effect plugin MCabinet, a revolutionary cabinet simulator.

The plugin is geared towards guitars and bass, but can also be a great creative sound design tool.

A cabinet is an essential part of the guitar sound. Professional guitarists are usually either using physical cabinets, or bought thousands of impulse response files of these cabinets. In either case it is an extremely clumsy hit and miss process.

MCabinet is based on statistical analysis of these real cabinets. It lets you start with a profile of thousands of these IRs and start being creative from there. It provides 4 so-called resonators, which can give your new cabinet a unique tonal or resonant character, and 2 wideners, which provide a natural stereo widening and potentially a little ambience.

Finally MCabinet lets you post-process your new cabinet using simple knobs such as flattening or tilt. And there’s a dynamic equalizer as a cherry on top, just in case.

MCabinet is on sale at Plugin Boutique at 60% off, priced at 39 EUR / $49 USD (regular 99 EUR). The offer expires September 1st, 2019.

More information: Meldaproduction