MeldaProduction has updated its effect plug-ins for version 3.02, and released two new additions MRhythmizer and MMultiBandConvolution.

MRhythmizer is a unique time manipulation effect that uses an integrated sequencer to control time, volume and filters. From gating to glitching, repeating to scratching, all with stunning audio quality. MRhythmizer brings your music to life, so say goodbye to boring audio performances!

MMultiBandConvolution is a zero-latency convolution plugin that’s ideal for processing recorded, or generated impulse responses (IRs). Simply perfect for simulating halls, rooms, boxes, microphones, and even other plugins! It also contains filter generators and an integrated reverb. MMultiBandConvolution comes supplied with several impulse responses, including a limited set of incredible church IRs from

MeldaProduction has also updated all its effect plug-ins to v3.02, providing several fixes, new features and optimizations.

MRhythmizer and MMultiBandConvolution for PC and Mac (VST/AU) are now available to purchase for the introductory price of 10 EUR each (regular 35 EUR). MMultiBandConvolution is free for all users of MTotalBundle, MMasteringBundle and MCreativeBundle. MRhythmizer is free for users of MTotalBundle and MCreativeBundle.

More information: MeldaProduction