Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of a Black Friday Sale on Mellowmuse, offering a 30% discount on its audio effects, including a bundle comprising all Mellowmuse plugins.

Mellowmuse has been developing innovative audio plugins for musicians, producers and sound designers since 2008. Their focus has always been on sound quality and ease of use. For the first time, get all of Mellowmuse’s plugins in a single bundle and get all the essential compressors, EQs and mixing tools you could need.

The bundle includes:

  • CP1A Compressor developed for clean, low distortion processing of a range of material; from subtle dynamics taming to creative drum shaping.
  • CP2V Compressor track and program audio dynamics compressor plugin that oozes character and attitude.
  • CP3V Compressor inspired in part by the classic 1176 analog compressor.
  • CS1V Console Channel brings the warmth and depth of an analog console to your tracks and mixes.
  • EQ1A Equalizer super smooth, analog-style equalizer, with minimal phase coloration.
  • EQ2V Equalizer vintage styled equalizer that recreates the weight and color of its classic hardware counterparts.
  • EQ3V Equalizer flexible 7-band vintage equalizer plugin that offers 5 bands of fully parametric EQ, variable Q High Pass/Low Pass filters, and its own unique analog modeled saturation.
  • IR1A Convolver convolution plugin that let you apply the sonic characteristics of one sound to another in real-time, using an impulse response file.
  • LM1V Limiter analog modeled brick-wall limiter with 8x oversampling and inter-sample peak detection.
  • SATV Saturator analog modeled saturation plugin that adds harmonic depth and richness to any track.
  • ATA Auto Time Adjuster plugin delay compensation (PDC) plugin.

The Complete Bundle is priced $241.49 USD until November 30th, 2023 (regular $345 USD). Individual plugins are available starting from $27 USD during the promotion.

More information: Mellowmuse