Mesa+ Waveformer

Mesa+ has released Waveformer, a multi purpose synthesizer sound library for Ableton 7.

Waveformer is based on wavetables formed by 66 waveforms that act as oscillators for Ableton Simpler. Each waveform has been carefully designed in order to avoid unwanted aliasing-noise and multisampled across the keyboard range to improve sound fidelity.

The presets have been developed and processed using Ableton Sampler’s FM and Waveshaper features, then converted for Ableton Simpler in order to extend accessibility by all Ableton Live 7 versions (LE included).

Waveformer features

  • Wavetables Synth for Ableton Live
  • 66 PCM Waveforms
  • 270 Ableton Instrument Racks
  • 271 Ableton Simpler Presets
  • 4 Ableton Drum Rack Kits
  • 212 Ableton Clips
  • 1652 Wav 32bit/48KHz
  • Download size 171 mb

Waveformer is available for purchase for 25 EUR. You can download the free Waveformer Free Live Pack from the product page.

“Waveformer Free” is a free reduced version of MESA+ Waveformer. Waveformer Free is based on only 10 waveforms and it contains 40 Ableton Instrument Rack presets.

Visit Mesa+ for more information and audio demos.