MethodRed has announced a significant update to its MIDI file player for Mac. Version 3.0 comes with new features and an enhanced UI to make working with MIDI files easier and more efficient.

MIDIPlayer X is a fast, easy way to play MIDI files on your Mac. It works with virtually all commercial MIDI hardware and software, and will play any MIDI file to your choice of available MIDI outputs, either hardware or software, or to its own built-in GM-compatible virtual synth.

MIDIPlayer X also lets users customize MIDI files by muting, soloing or rechannelizing MIDI channels, changing tempos, and saving to a new MIDI file. Whether you need to listen to a single .mid file or audition hundreds, MIDIPlayer X makes it fast and easy.

“These latest features have been highly requested by our users, so we’re excited to offer these enhancements for those who make MIDIPlayer X part of their MIDI file workflow”, says MethodRed founder Doug Hanson.

Changes in MIDIPlayer X v3.0

  • Looping: Accurate looping improves auditioning of drum and chord patterns.
  • Tempo Lock: Lock the tempo so all files play at your desired tempo.
  • Rechannelize: Reassign MIDI channels as needed.
  • Shuffle: Randomize the playback order of loaded files.
  • Drag files out to drop into your DAW or desired Finder location.
  • Delete: Unload any loaded file.
  • Show Filename: Toggle display to show file’s title or filename.

MIDIPlayer X for macOS Sonoma (14.0) or higher is priced $2.99 USD at the Mac App Store. The upgrade is free for current owners of MIDIPlayer X.

More information: MethodRed