MGF Audio has announced that all its sample packs and multisamples are now available for only $1 AUD each.

There are over 50 packs of multisamples of vintage synthesizers, including the Roland Alpha Juno, JV-1080, Juno-106 and JX3P, Korg’s Polysix and Minilogue, and the DX11 and DX21 from Yamaha. Over 25 packs of other samples are available as well.

MGF Audio is a one-person sound design firm based in Sydney. Over the years, MGF has recorded thousands of sounds from vintage synthesisers and keyboards and collected them into sample packs, along with field recordings and other experiments.

MGF also makes Max patches and Max 4 Live devices, as well as Reaktor instruments and effects and patches for various synthesisers.

The packs are on sale for $1 AUD at least until November 1st. You can save an additional 30% off any purchase with coupon code REKKERD at checkout.

Make sure to check out the website and download some of the free packs! You can support MGF Audio at Patreon where you can get exclusive sample packs as well as access to new packs as they go online.

More information: MGF Audio