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MGF Samples

MGF Audio sets free 7GB of sample packs with ‘retro’ tones

MGF Audio has announced that all its sample packs are now available to download for free/donation.All (non multisample) sample packs in one 7GB collection,...
MGF Audio

MGF Audio offers sample packs at only $1 AUD each through June

MGF Audio has announced that all sample packs and multi-sample libraries are available for only $1 AUD each during the month of June.MGF Audio...
MGF Audio

MGF Audio sample packs on sale for $1 AUD + 30% OFF orders

MGF Audio has announced that all its sample packs and multisamples are now available for only $1 AUD each.There are over 50 packs of...
MGF Audio

MGF Audio launches with sample packs & tools for Max and Reaktor

Martin of MGF Audio has announced the launch of his website, which offers various multi-sampled synth samples, Max patches and Max 4 Live devices,...

99 Sounds releases free MGF Audio sample pack

99 Sounds has announced the release of the free MGF Audio sample pack, a collection of sounds by Martin Peploe.MGF Audio is Sydney based...

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