MHC Extreme

MHC has released Extreme, a hybrid synth which uses samples/waveforms as the oscillator source.

In addition, Extreme features an ensemble section which can multiply the oscillator source into 6 different oscillators, which gives Extreme a very thick and punchy sound.

Extreme features

  • Polyphony: Unlimited voices (any number of voices your computer can handle, can also be a fixed number)
  • Resonant lowpass filter per voice
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Pitch modulation (LFO)
  • Ensemble unit which multiplies the oscillator into six oscillators which can be detuned (the amount control) and mixed with the original voice
  • Effects: Resonator, Flanger, Reverb, Pitch shifter, Amplitude modulator, Sub oscillator and several filter banks and bandpass filters
  • Crossfading and layering of effects
  • MIDI Learn
  • Includes 256 presets, optional soundpacks available for a total of 1024 presets

Extreme is available for Windows PC (Audio Unit for Mac OS X coming soon) and costs $139 USD.

Visit MHC for more information.